MSP Superintendent's Message
MSP Superintendent’s Message
On this National Administrative Professionals’ Day, it is important to highlight and thank each of the outstanding employees in the Maryland Department of State Police who fulfill this role. There are multiple job classifications in the Department that are included in the category of ‘administrative professional’ and each one is critical to our ability to accomplish our mission.

Let me be clear – I cannot adequately express my thanks for all you do and the contributions you make. In a very fast moving world, we sometimes do not fully appreciate the work our administrative professionals do to maintain order, efficiency and ultimately enable us to do our jobs.

We also sometimes do not realize that a Maryland Department of State Police administrative professional is more than just any ordinary administrative support person in a more ‘routine’ profession. Because they are involved in a law enforcement support role, our administrative professionals must deal with issues and subject matter that those who work for most other businesses would never think of contending with.

Reading criminal investigation reports, filing crime scene photos, copying fatal crash investigations, or transcribing interviews with murder suspects are just a few of the categories dealt with by our administrative professionals. They can be impacted by dealing with subject matter that stays with them long after their shift is over. I appreciate their willingness to be an administrative professional in a law enforcement environment. Not every administrative professional could do what many of our admin pros do each day.

Most administrative professionals are organized and prefer order in their day. Yet our administrative professionals are subjected to unpredictability and demands that can change minute to minute, depending on the crisis being handled by the unit, barrack or division they are in. Maryland Department of State Police administrative professionals are known for their flexibility and their ability to adapt to ever-changing situations.

Our Department could not function without you. You are the glue that holds us together. Please do not ever think of what you do as unimportant.

Not only on this day, but every day, I appreciate what you do for the Maryland State Police. I know my feelings are shared by many others, most of whom are in uniform, who may not often remind you of how important you are. Trust me – they, and I, would be lost without you. Your contributions to our mission each day truly help to make us “Maryland’s finest.”
Stay safe.
Colonel Woodrow W. Jones III
Maryland Department of State Police

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