MSP Museum Challenge Coin Image

Maryland State Police Museum Fundraiser

MSP Museum Challenge Coin

MSP Museum Challenge Coin Image
MSP Museum Challenge Coin Image

All proceeds will go toward the Maryland State Police Museum, through the MSPAA Memorial Fund.

There are three ways / options to get your coin(s).

Entire online order form must be filled out for this option
PRIOR to calling
Call: 410-703-4986 or 410-703-8094
OR click the payment link that appears after submitting the online form.

Entire online order form must be filled out for this option

Make Check Payable to: MSPAA Memorial Fund

Mail to: MSPAA Memorial Fund
c/o Jack Howard
1750 South Plantation Drive
Dunkirk, MD 20754

Hand to Hand CASH (@ MSP Photolab)
Must have exact amount 20 dollars each coin
(Please verify someone is in the lab 443-357-1482)

By clicking the ORDER FORM Button, a new tabĀ  or window will open to a Google Form. Once the order form is submitted you will be provided with a link ( on the next page to enter a payment method.

If you want to pay by check, just fill out and submit the online order form, but do not click the payment link. Follow the CHECKS option instructions above to send your payment. Make sure your envelope’s from name and return address match what was submitted on the online order form. You may also print the confirmation email sent to you, to send along with your check.

Please do not combine payment options on the order form; use one payment method per order.

Any questions or need to order more than 5 coins, please email us at