MSPAA Trooper of the Year 2022

The Maryland State Police Alumni Association is proud to announce their selection of the 2022 Trooper of the Year. This award has been a tradition with the organization for over sixty years. We are honored to recognize the hard work that all our nominees did over the past year as they each combat crime on our streets and highways. Our troopers are great. Our nominee pool consisted of heroic events, life-saving measures, high traffic and criminal enforcement, and continued dedication to the community and its citizens.

In 1962, the Alumni Association selected it’s first “Trooper of the Year”. Then and now each new Trooper of the Year is chosen from a field of outstanding Troopers that have been recommended by their commanders. The MSPAA Trooper of the Year is selected by the Alumni’s Trooper of the Year Committee, which is made up of a cross section of retired troopers. The award for the preceding year is always made in May of the following year.

MSPAA Trooper of the Year Annual Luncheon

Saturday, June 24th 2022 at 11:30AM – 2PM
We will be honoring our new 2022 MSPAA Trooper of the Year

Enjoy a delicious meal and good friends.

Dutch’s Daughter Restaurant
581 Himes Ave. Frederick, Md 21703

From I-70 East, Take exit 11 from US-15 N/US-340 E.
Take exit 52B to merge onto US-15 N/US-340 E toward Gettysburg.
Take exit 11 to merge onto MD-180 W
Follow MD-180 W and turn right onto Himes Ave to your destination.

Please complete the Attendance Form and mail to:

Ken Harry
18710 Falls Rd.
Hampstead, MD 21074

Please pay by check only.
Questions? Please use the contact information on the form.

Advanced Reservations ONLY!
** Please respond before June 10th, 2023**

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Previous MSPAA Troopers of the Year

*Denotes Troopers that were also selected for the Department’s Trooper of the Year.

Year Name
2020 TFC Evan Ruggles
2019 S/Tpr Christopher R. Toey
2018 TFC Charles M. Tittle
2017 TFC John B. Wildman
2016 Tpr Charles M. Tittle
2015 TFC Randolph S. Marshall
2014 M/Tpr Frank Fornoff
2013 S/Tpr Merlin Myers
2012 TFC Christopher R. Toey
2011 TFC Ryan A. McNeely
2010 TFC Robert G. Iman
2009 TFC Jerry S. Warner
2008 TFC Anthony D. Dudek
2007 TFC Jason L. Stevens
2006 TFC Daniel S. Everett
2005 TFC Colin R. Sweitzer
2004 TFC Christopher M. Conner
2003 TFC Richard E. Carroll III
2002 TFC Kevin M. Moriarity
2001 * TFC Robert J. Stryjewski Jr.
2000 TFC Richard T. Bachtel
1999 TFC J.B. Robinson
1998 TFC Thomas Lubinski
1997 TFC Christopher Hannon
1996 TFC Ronald Coccodrilli
1995 * TFC Ronald W. Cullison Jr.
1994 TFC Ronald Yaniga
1993 TFC Richard J. Schelfe
1992 TFC Michael D. Kretzer
1991 TFC Robert V. Calo
1990 TFC Carl D. Miller
1989 TFC Steven L. McCarty
1988 TFC James S. Emerick
1987 TFC David C. Reichenbaugh
1986 TFC William E. Smith
1985 TFC Homer R. Rich
1984 TFC Wendell R. Cover
1983 TFC Chester M. Miller
1982 TFC Terry W. Custer
1981 TFC William M. Glime
1980 TFC Albert L. Liebno
1979 TFC Harry J. Spicer
1978 TFC Theodore D. Wolf
1977 TFC Gerald P. Taylor
1976 TFC William E. Vogel
1975 TFC Robert A. Ventura
1974 TFC James F. Mayo
1973 TFC David W. Michael
1972 TFC George H. Davis
1971 TFC John W. Reburn
1970 TFC Robert E. Middleton
1969 TFC John O. Himmelman
1969 TFC Emerson M. Hoopes
1969 TFC John W. Shelly
1968 TFC Patrick J. Bucher
1967 No Award
1966 TFC Bernard Chabot
1965 TFC Alan G. Coonradt
1964 TFC Harold Phillips
1963 TFC Samuel O. Tharpe
1962 TFC Top E. Barnes
1961 TFC Robert J. Weisenmiller

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