In Memory of those that have passed beyond our mortal sight.

MSPAA Remembrance Art
MSPAA Remembrance

Deceased Members of the MSPAA and MSP Family

NameDate of Death
Trooper First Class Albert Wayne Mynes2023-03-30
William (Bill) Samuel Ebare2023-03-24
Lieutenant Colonel Roland J. Meerdter Sr.2023-03-20
Corporal Philip E. Sauerwald2023-03-09
Corporal John C. Bowman III2023-02-21
Deputy SFM Willard "Sparky" Leonard Pusey2023-01-16
Trooper First Class Charles Ronald Twigg2023-01-15
Sergeant Stephen F. Vail2023-01-12
Trooper First Class Thomas Myrick, Sr.2022-12-23
Sergeant Dennis R. Henkel2022-11-06
Sergeant Louis "Bud" Henry Kellerman, Jr.2022-11-05
Sergeant M. Fred Phelps2022-10-24
Corporal Gary Lynn Beard2022-10-21
Detective Sergeant Norman M. Pepersack Jr.2022-10-07
Sergeant Irvin Washington2022-09-27
Trooper First Class Donald Lee Stevens2022-09-15
Sergeant Victor E. Wolfe, Sr.2022-09-06
Captain Norval F. Cooper Jr.2022-08-16
Senior Trooper Tony C. Gaines2022-07-23
Pilot Michael S. Gartland2022-07-22
Master Trooper William J. Long, III2022-06-14
Second Lieutenant Maurice K. Shamer2022-05-20
Sergeant Gregory L. Barnhart2022-05-02
Lieutenant William G. Winner2022-04-30
Sergeant Charles Smiley2022-04-20
Corporal Francis "Buzzy" France2022-03-22
Detective Sergeant Robert A. Cappelli2022-02-25
Lieutenant Colonel Gary E. Moore2022-02-02
First Lieutenant David A. Lauder2022-01-27
Second Lieutenant Walter Weber Duncan, Jr.2022-01-17
Trooper First Class William R. Fitzhugh, Sr.2022-01-08
Major John P. Cook2022-01-06
First Lieutenant Benjamin Cohey2021-12-22
Trooper First Class George Prager2021-12-21
Corporal Paul J. Gerstner2021-12-13
Major Randall L. Holt2021-12-01
Captain Joseph Eccleston, Jr.2021-11-22
Trooper First Class M. R. Rote2021-11-07
First Sergeant Thomas Huber2021-10-07
Detective Sergeant Patrick V. Drum, Sr.2021-09-29
Trooper First Class Alec E. Cohen2021-09-18
Trooper First Class Gerald "Jerry" Hudson2021-09-01
Trooper First Class Mary Kathryn Webster2021-08-27
Trooper First Class Crawford Windsor2021-08-26
Trooper First Class Ricky Dell2021-08-16
Sergeant William "Bill" Slider2021-08-15
Sergeant Richard "Dick" Graham2021-07-31
OS Donna J. (Fugett) Dare2021-07-28
Sergeant John R. Sullivan2021-07-26
PCO Bonnie Nelson2021-07-20
Michael Dean Kretzer2021-07-16
Sergeant Paul C. Crutchley2021-06-14
Detective Sergeant David A. Keller2021-05-29
Sergeant William F. George2021-04-30
Sergeant Thomas Edward Ruppert2021-04-16
Frederick John Kirchhoff2021-04-15
Sergeant Billy Joe Caudill2021-03-24
Lieutenant Namon Brown2021-02-12
Lieutenant Leland Corbett2021-02-09
Sergeant Robert Wright2021-02-08
Trooper First Class Charlie Lester2021-02-02
Sergeant William Broderick2021-01-31
Sergeant Michael "Mick" Doyle2021-01-24
Captain Edward Vernon Clark2021-01-21
Corporal Stephen McCarter-Hebron2021-01-12
Sergeant John Schultheis2021-01-08
Corporal Arthur Marken2021-01-07
Sergeant Stanley Carroll2021-01-02
Trooper First Class Theodore Hutnik2020-12-30
Trooper First Class John Miller2020-12-20
First Sergeant Leo Drosdak2020-12-19
Trooper First Class Harry Muir2020-12-13
Lieutenant Colonel Edward Martin Ted Evans2020-12-12
Trooper First Class Donald Baker2020-12-12
Trooper First Class Joseph Kuhn2020-11-26
Corporal Thomas Zufall2020-11-21
Trooper First Class George Darcy Willoughby2020-11-20
First Sergeant Harold Phillips2020-11-20
Trooper First Class Mark Frech2020-11-11
Trooper First Class Mauritz Stetson2020-11-02
Trooper First Class Howard Donovan2020-10-19
Trooper First Class Samuel W. Summers2020-10-17
Lieutenant Colonel Leaston Booker2020-10-15
Trooper First Class Marvin S.Henry2020-09-06
PCO Marvin S. Hollinger2020-08-28
Trooper First Class Thomas "Sonny" Conley2020-08-27
Corporal Jerry Edmonson2020-08-26
Sergeant David Cameron2020-08-18
Sergeant Vernon L. Sarro2020-08-17
Sergeant George A. Butler2020-08-13
Lieutenant Elwood Stacey2020-06-18
Lieutenant Jere Yohn2020-06-18
Detective Sergeant Michael Callahan2020-06-14
First Sergeant James Lough2020-05-24
Corporal Dennis Welch2020-05-18
Trooper First Class Arthur B. Lincoln2020-05-02
Corporal Vanessa Pender2020-04-12
Sergeant Raymond Nizer2020-04-07
Sergeant Thomas "Josh" Wainwright2020-01-23
First Sergeant John R. Somers2020-01-01
Trooper First Class Richard W. Poffenberger2019-12-29
Captain L. D. "Don" Reuwer2019-12-09
First Sergeant Walter Ellison2019-12-09
Sergeant Samuel Tharp2019-11-12
First Sergeant Mace Tall2019-10-30
Sergeant Lee Upperco2019-10-27
Detective Sergeant David Rooney2019-01-23
Corporal Paul N. Strine, Jr.2018-10-19
First Sergeant Charles E. Dammann2018-09-23
Detective Sergeant Donald H. Cox2018-09-19
Lieutenant George Snyder2018-09-03
Trooper William Earle2018-08-22
Corporal Bernie Balog2018-08-09
First Sergeant Donald H. Tatterson, Jr.2018-07-31
William "Bill" Killough2018-07-30
Major Lawrence "Larry" Gibbs2018-05-25
Detective Sergeant U. Paul Utz2018-05-08
Corporal Curitis M. Dennis2018-04-19
Sergeant W. Lynn Mowberly2018-03-20
Trooper First Class George C.Wachter2018-03-18
Lieutenant Edwin "Sonny" Shulz2018-03-09
Trooper First Class Earl M. Keefer2018-03-06
Lieutenant Eugene F. Davis2018-03-04
Detective Sergeant Wilbur L. Wells2018-03-03
Lieutenant Milton Hart2018-03-03
Trooper First Class Phillip L. Henry2018-02-12
Sergeant Edward E. Johnson2018-01-23
Sergeant L. C. "Bootsie" Stinnett2018-01-04
First Sergeant M. Kirk Daugherty2017-12-26
Frederick G. North2017-12-23
Trooper Lee Fuller2017-12-18
Sergeant Mechanic Edgar W. Wolfkill2017-12-10
Deputy Chief Fire Marshall
Sander B. Cohen
Lieutenant Lester A. Nave2017-12-05
Trooper First Class Robert Rikard2017-11-26
Major John R. Kaiser2017-11-09
Trooper First Class Carl R. Valentine2017-11-06
Richard Zabor2017-11-05
Lieutenant Colonel William T. Gerwig2017-10-24
Lieutenant Robert Weisinmiller2017-10-23
Sergeant Emerson M. Hoopes2017-09-20
Sergeant Theodore "Ted" Polinsky2017-09-17
Corporal Albert Shanahan2017-09-15
Lieutenant James H. Plunkert2017-09-14
Sergeant Frederick G. Morton2017-08-21
First Sergeant A. Lee Fitzgerald2017-08-01
First Sergeant Donald E. Hoffman2017-07-31
Captain Paul Twgg2017-07-30
Lieutenant Louis "Roy" Norbeck2017-07-28
Lieutenant Robert H. McCleaf2017-06-30
Sergeant George E. Taylor2017-05-19
Lieutenant Larry L. Morris2017-05-11
Captain Edgar L. Peach2017-05-09
Sergeant E. Walter Mills2017-05-07
Trooper First Class Donald A. Newcomer2017-04-29
Sergeant George W. Taylor2017-04-27
Lieutenant James P. Monaghan2017-03-14
Sergeant Basil W. Coale2017-03-03
Sergeant Steven D. Landbeck2017-03-02
First Sergeant Larry E. Wheeler2017-02-27
Sergeant Dennis M. Hooper2017-02-16
Sergeant Joseph R. "Joe" Peters2017-01-31
Captain Bernard "Bernie" Haywood2017-01-23
Corporal Francis X. Bachmaier2017-01-16
Corporal Walter L. "John" Currence2016-11-28
Lieutenant Ray Grissett2016-09-15
First Sergeant Darl Hershberger2016-08-22
Trooper First Class William McCarthy2016-08-12
Lieutenant Joseph P. Burkhardt2016-07-21
Sergeant Charles Kaiser2016-07-07
Detective Sergeant John R. Dodd2016-06-21
Captain Guy E. Guyton, Jr.2016-06-16
Captain Roger R. Meeks2016-06-11
Lieutenant Bernard J. Chabot2016-06-09
Major Carl R. Harbaugh2016-06-03
Sergeant Mechanic Jerald A. Fender2016-05-25
Corporal Fred A. Settle2016-05-01
Founding Member Louis H. Duran2016-04-30
Trooper First Class Ronald C. George2016-04-26
Sergeant Gordon Smith2016-04-08
Detective Sergeant Robert Estes2016-04-02
Captain Robert W. Johnson2016-03-27
Associate Member John L. Shriver2016-03-18
Trooper First Class Louis Dick2016-03-12
Sergeant Joseph D. Collins2016-03-10
Trooper First Class Albert R. Radtke2016-01-26
Major Dominick A. Balsoma2016-01-15
James Merritt Patchett2011-12-30
Lieutenant Colonel George Davidson1981-07-29
Sergeant M. C. Lilley
Associate Member John T. Ile
US & Maryland Flags

Maryland State Troopers that were killed during WWII.

Trooper Samuel F. Wilderson – 1943-07-28

Trooper Sherwood R. Williams – 1945-02-01

We remember, honor and miss them all.

We remember the Troopers who changed our lives,
The men and woman who protected us day and night,
People who respect for their dedication to the cause,
For when faced with danger, they never even pause.
We remember the Troopers who always stood true,
Whatever the color of uniform, brown gray or blue,
With pride and integrity they say to serve and protect,
For the giving of their life, we offer our respect.

We remember the Troopers who we never really knew,
Persons strong enough to answer the challenge are few,
With heavy hearts we mourn the Troopers in eternal rest,
There’s more to these people than the badge on their chest.

– Author Unknown

Let us never forget our fellow Troopers who have passed on to a new assignment. Let us remember them from the times we spent with them. The good times and the bad times. The things that made us Troopers.

Always Remembered MD Wreath Image
Always Remembered

Please let us know of anyone we may have missed and/or any corrections.