State Police

The MSPAA is currently remodeling the armory at MSP Headquarters for the new museum.  Look below for ways to donate.


Visit the Official MSP Museum Website

MSP Museum

38 E Sudbrook Ln,  Pikesville, MD  21208.

The MSP Museum is currently being remodeled and is not open to the public.  We will post when it is open and available for visitors.

MSP Museum Sign

As we move into 2021, we want to hear from you. You may have a memory that we could use as a display or video recording in our Museum. We need to hear from you. It can be a heroic incident or about a story about the equipment, vehicles, and conditions that you operated during your era. It may be a comical story that touches our heart and funny bone.

Also keep in mind, you may possess an artifact from our history that could be displayed in our museum. We would like to hear the story and hear about your history.

Contact the MSP Alumni Association on how you can contribute or volunteer.

For those wishing to assist in this effort or if you have any questions, you may email the following museum committees:

Wall Tile Top Image

Your Legacy will not be forgotten.

Be a part of the first 100 years of the Maryland State Police.

Honor a current or retired member of the department.

All proceeds from this project are earmarked exclusively for the MSP Museum!

There are a limited number to be sold. There is limited space in our museum.

In order to commentate our first hundred years, we are engraving Brick Tiles with the names of sworn or civilian members of the department.

This permanent memory wall will be displayed in the entry of the new museum. Each name will hold a special place in the history of the Maryland State Police.


We have sold over half of the allotted spaces for the memorial wall. So we are extending the wall tile sales until we’re sold out.


Museum Honorary Wall Tiles!

The MSP Alumni Association has initiated a fundraiser for the new MSP museum.

MSP members that are sworn, civilian, retired and active are welcomed and invited to participate in this fundraiser, which will place your name or the name of another MSP member or family member on an honorary wall of heroes.

The wall will be made up of 4″ x 8″ mason art tiles with the member’s name, rank, and either Class number or years of service. The wall will be dedicated in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary Celebration activities.

The price of each tile is $250, which is tax deductible per the IRS.  MSPAA Memorial Fund, Inc. Funds will go towards furniture and displays in the new museum. Please check out the order form for more details.

Don’t be too late in ordering yours and end up not having your name in our museum on the Honorary Wall.

MSP Museum Thanks to MSPAA Image
The MSP Museum is being built at Headquarters thanks to the MSPAA.