Thank you to our veterans.

Dear Alumni Members and friends,

Our country has celebrated and honored veterans for almost 100 years. Back in 1919 when Armistice Day was founded, it was originally recognized to honor the veterans and fallen of World War 1. Then in 1938, the day was recognized as a National Holiday. Today, we honor and recognize our veterans that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and to the many veterans that continue to serve today. Saying, thank you just doesn’t seem enough. So many men and women serve our country in various branches of service. They leave their families and home life to protect all of us. We will always be indebted to our soldiers.

To those that have retired from the military, we want you to know how much your sacrifice and commitment mean to us. You fought for our freedom. We appreciate the many veterans that have served our Maryland State Police. Your service was first to our country. You accepted the challenge to protect, defend, and honor our nation. I am humbled that after serving our country, many of you joined this department and continued to fight the fight for our state. Thank you for your service.

May God Bless You and Your Family today and always,

MSP Alumni Association

Board of Directors

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