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Berlin Barrack Groundbreaking – April 7, 2023

The Maryland Department of State Police would like to extend an invitation to our retirees for the Berlin Barrack groundbreaking. Secretary Atif Chaudhry, Maryland Department of General Services, and I cordially invite you to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Berlin Barrack. The ceremony will be held on Friday, April 7, 2023 at 11:00…

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Superintendent’s Message – Women’s History Month (2022)

March 10, 2022 Most of us will have few opportunities to meet someone 100 years old, which is why I will always remember meeting Ms. Miriam Fine in August of 2020, when her family organized a surprise trip to Maryland State Police Headquarters. The connection was that Ms. Fine had joined the Maryland State Police…

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Superintendent’s Message – MSP Celebrates Black History Month (2022)

February 26, 2022 Thank you to the men and women, both sworn and civilian, who have contributed their time and artifacts to develop our Black History Museum display. In the video below, I am proud to unveil the newest display located in the Maryland State Police Museum at Headquarters. Please click on the link to…

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Superintendent’s Message – MSP Salary Enhancements

October 27, 2021 In an effort to assist the Department with recruiting new troopers, I am pleased to announce that MSP, SLEOLA and the State of Maryland have reached an agreement on the following salary enhancements: Effective January 1, 2022, the State will increase the starting pay of trooper candidates from $35,000 to $51,000. Salary upon…


Superintendent’s Message – Qualified immunity concerns.

April 22, 2021 Good morning! As we begin to work through legislation passed this session, I continue to hear about concerns associated with qualified immunity. In an effort to eliminate questions and concerns about this subject, I have asked Mr. Ron Levitan, Principal Counsel for the Department of State Police, Office of the Attorney General,…

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Superintendent’s Message – Women’s History Month (2021)

March 16, 2021 Last summer, I had the privilege of meeting and honoring Ms. Miriam Fine, one of the first female Maryland State Police employees, on the occasion of her 100th birthday. Ms. Fine joined the Maryland State Police on December 1, 1941, six days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She was hired as…

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