March 4, 2021

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Dear MSPAA members, MSP retirees, and associates,

Communication is everything in life. Without it, there can be misinformation that can be harmful to an operation. We know that some may feel as if progress on the museum is not moving at all. Please let me dispel any rumors. Understand that we need money, expertise in museum curation, graphic design, exhibition design, and staffing willing to help us get our project plans implemented sooner. In the meantime, I offer the below listing of the progress made since construction began.

MSPAA has completed or in progress of the following:

  1. Financed and supervised a renovation of the old military arsenal in the amount of $240,000.
  2. Initiated a fund raising project in order to furnish displays for the interior use of the museum.
  3. Organized Alumni Members to assist in the planning of the future development of the museum.
  4. Developed a new website to enhance communication for the organization and the museum.
  5. Projected a statewide tour to gain historical information from our members.
  6. Aided in the refurbishing of the first display for the museum, a 1994 Harley Davidson.
  7. Financially responsible for the 1994 Harley Davidson refurbishing efforts and grateful to Sergeant (Retired) Rick “Sully” Sullivan.
  8. Organizing the Annual Road Dawg Rumble to aid in future development of financial enhancements to the museum.
  9. Procured a new museum sign to be placed on the grounds of our museum site. (Generous MSPAA anonymous donor).
  10. Purchased a “How To” manual for museum plans, formation, and design.
  11. Purchased easels for display purposes.

Maryland State Police has:

  1. Assigned every Major from SSB to co-chair a museum sub-committee
  2. Provides administrative and technical staffing to museum and its sub-committees
  3. Purchased a new conference room table and 10 chairs
  4. Purchased and installed TV, desktop computers Wi-Fi and telephones
  5. Purchased and installed museum video monitoring and security system
  6. Procured and currently testing new museum management software for inventory and artifact accountability
  7. Installed the address on the building and sign for museum; including lighting features
  8. Installed a canopy in the rear of the building
  9. Removed an underground fuel tank
  10. Completed landscaping including tree and vegetation, backfill and lot clearing
  11. Repaired the water supply to the building
  12. MSP will be installing gutters and downspouts and painting of the exterior as soon as weather permits
  13. Secured building occupancy permits

For more than a year, the MSPAA has been working side by side with active members of the Department in a collective effort to ensure the prosperity and success of our museum. Our collective efforts have been formalized in the creation of a Maryland State Police Museum Board that is comprised today of 10 MSPAA members and 19 active sworn and civilian members. The board is broken down into 7 sub-committees the chairmanship of which is equally shared by MSP and MSPAA. This board meets every month, even during COVID and meetings minutes are published after every meeting. This group of dedicated people have developed an agreed upon floor plans interior design plans, display and program designs, inventory management, procurement of furniture and cabinetry, and diversification of fund raising options/opportunities.

Anyone interested in joining or supporting our effort is encouraged to do so. Telling the story of 100 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Maryland in a way will only be told correctly when told by the men and women who served and are still serving. This is a continual project. It lives and breathes. Just like raising a child, it takes a village of people, working together to make the best of our efforts. We will make mistakes. That is life, but we will do our best and will pray for the best results. We need you and your support. This is NOT a time for negativity. Like that child, help me to make the museum the best that it can be. You may check out our website at MSPAA.ORG for ways to volunteer, or call me personally. I would enjoy hearing from you.


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