MSP Academy Tours

January 28, 2021

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Every trooper that has had the honor to wear the badge and Stetson as one of “Maryland’s Finest” earned it by going through the gauntlet that is the Maryland State Police Academy. Although every class is unique, the experience is an accomplishment that binds us all together! Everyone remembers their class number, start date, and graduation date!

As part of the MSP 100th Anniversary celebration, the Education and Training Division would like to invite any retired and active trooper to come back to the academy for a short tour and firsthand look at the current academy, Class 152. To maximize the experience, relive those personal memories, and see the current candidates in action, the tour would consist of the following;

Arrive at 0640 – Introduction

0650 – Observe the class in formation as they raise the morning colors

0650 – Walk with the class as the march in formation to the chow hall

0700 – Observe the class move through the chow line and eat with the class

0730 – Observe “morning inspection” – (oh, the memories!)

0755 – Observe the class march into the classroom

0800 – Walk the academy halls and find your class plaque

0815 – Tour ends

The Education & Training Division staff is prepared to offer as many tours as needed in celebration of this historic and memorable anniversary year. To mitigate COVID risk, small groups of five will be scheduled as many times as needed for our retirees and current troopers to enjoy. Additional COVID precautions will include basic health screening questions, temperature checks, and adherence to mask-wearing.

Tours will begin in early February, continue until Class 152 graduates in July, and resume when Class 153 begins later in 2021. For further information and to schedule a tour, please contact current Training Division Commander.

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