July 16, 2021

MSP Patch Image

Today represents the future of forty-six proud men and women that have chosen to be Maryland State Troopers. In a time where law enforcement has been derailed by negative comments, pressed with defund the police, total lack of respect from the public, and subjected to denial and disbelief of their every move, we are graduating forty – six troopers to join our ranks.

Today is their day! It is a day of celebration and accomplishment. A day where families can sit and enjoy the pure pleasure of each of these fine troopers receiving their badge. Today is their day. Being a proud member of the Maryland State Police for over 27 years, and being the relative of two young men that walked across the stage to accept their badge and certificate, I know, Today is their day.

I ask all those that have been invited to attend this event to remember that you may have had your day when you walked across the stage to accept your badge. Today is not your day. Today is the day for our newest members of our organization. For all of those that are invited, please come and share this wonderful day with the families of our new troopers.

Congratulations Class 152. We appreciate you and pray for your success and safety.


Jeannie Mastronardi
President, MSPAA

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