Governor Moore held a press conference on 2/23/2023 and made the following public safety announcements:

·  Public safety stretched remarkably thin.

·  Recruitment and retention down.

·  Today the average class size is 35. New Trooper Applications dropped from 4,000 per class in 2019 to now, fewer than 1,000 in 2022.

·  Last year, 80 troopers left employment and only 47 joined the workforce.

·  To rebuild the state police force, elevate the profession, invest in training, and cultivate a culture that retains, advances and rewards ethical law enforcement professionals.

·  Violent crime impacts all jurisdictions in MD.

·  Homicides and non-fatal shootings are at high levels across the state.

·  This is not just a Baltimore problem, it’s a statewide problem.

·  The mission of our State Police: leading the core nation and providing cross-jurisdictional resources, intelligence, and guidance to all of government as we work together to advance public safety across the entire state.

o    Partnership with all 24 jurisdictions by investing in intelligence sharing and directly intervening to stop crime.

o    Source data on where we are today and track progress moving forward.

·  Ordering all public safety agencies across the state, to include all state police agencies, corrections, and juvenile services to conduct after-action reports when there are homicides or non-fatal shootings within their areas of responsibility.

·  Historic investment in public safety capabilities by funding $11 million in MD Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC)

o    Monitor and disrupt violent crime.

o    Analyzes tips and leads on suspicious criminal activity and known criminals.

o    Provides accurate information to empower local law enforcement officials.

o    This investment allows MCAC to hire expert personnel, conduct training, and invest in technology infrastructure to keep us safe from cyber-attacks and threats.

o    MCAC and City of Baltimore have resumed an active partnership.

·  Complements other public safety investments in FY24 budget:

o    $122 million to aid local police departments, including $17.5 million for Baltimore City.

o    $69 million in local law enforcement grants, including $5 million to protect Marylanders from hate crimes.

o    $35 million for victims with assistance and service to aid restoration after a violent criminal act.

·  Will prosecute most violent offenders and get them off the streets.

·  Cannot militarize communities out of this problem. Every Marylander must feel safe. We need robust community participation.

·  Announced new Maryland Department of State Police Superintendent: Lt. Col. Roland Butler


·  Intelligence sharing – example: license plate readers.

·  Gov. Moore MCAC visit takeaway: we owe a ton of gratitude to them, and they lack resources.

·  Colonel Butler – quota systems and inappropriate behavior are unacceptable. I will hold people accountable, and the executive staff will hold me accountable.

·  Public/taxpayer dollars are going towards public school systems, not private. Will work with local jurisdictions and schoolboards to make sure they have the resources and guidance needed.

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