September 12, 2021

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Upcoming Events – Safety Measures

Dear Friends attending our upcoming events: Crab Feast, Ocean City, and the Road Dawg Rumble.

There have been concerns for all of us with the uptick with the Delta Variant of COVID-19. While there are no individual mandates offered by the county or state, we should all continue to protect ourselves when attending events with large crowds. For the MSPAA, we want to assure all attendees that we will take necessary measures to ensure your safety during our events. While it is not mandatory to wear your mask, please feel comfortable if you decide to do so. The following steps will be in place.

  1. Disinfectant wipes at each table
  2. Hand sanitizers for all attendees use
  3. Complimentary disposable masks
  4. MSPAA masks for sale
  5. Social distancing strongly suggested
  6. Any meal distribution will be called by one table at a time to avoid congestion

Thank you for your cooperation .
Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Jeannie Mastronardi
President, MSPAA

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