IACP Article – Vaccination Clinics (July 2021)

July 21, 2021 The Power of Planning and PartnershipsBY: JAMES E. DECOURCEY, CAPTAIN; ROBERT G. IMAN, LIEUTENANT; AND TRAVIS A. NELSON, SERGEANT, MARYLAND STATE POLICE Reprinted from Police Chief Magazine, Vol. 2021, No. July, page(s) 78, 2021.Copyright © held by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc., 44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 200, Alexandria,…

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Fallen Officer – Corporal Keith Heacook with the Delmar Police Department.

April 29, 2021 “It’s not how these officers died that made them heroes, it is how they lived.” Words inscribed at the National Law Enforcement Officers wall in Washington DC. Those words have a deeper meaning today as I sadly write this message. One of ours… a fellow police officer has been killed in the…

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