Trooper of the Year for 2017

In 1962, the Alumni Association selected it's first "Trooper of the Year". Then and now each new Trooper of the Year is chosen from a field of outstanding Troopers that have been recommended by their commanders.The MSPAA Trooper of the Year is selected by the Alumni's Trooper of the Year Committee, which is made up of a cross section of retired troopers. The award for the preceding year is always made in May of the following year.

Congratulations to our 2017 TROOPER OF THE YEAR
                 Awarded in May of 2017 TFC John Wildman
Presentation by Jack Howard, President of the MSPAA

TFC John Wildman is presently assigned to the Aviation Command. He joined the Maryland State Police in 2015.
Academically TFC Wildman has earned a Bachelorís Degree from Hamilton College and has completed course work in a graduated program from Johns Hopkins University.
During 2017 then Trooper Wildman led all members of Aviation Command in every aspect of Criminal and traffic enforcement categories. This is his 2017 record: 7 Criminal arrests, 8 Warrant Arrests, 15 assists in fifteen criminal arrests, 380 vehicle stops, 229 citations, 356 warnings, 2 DUI arrests, 8 ACRS accident reports. 3 code 89 accidents.
With respect to the paramedic aspects during 2017 TFC Wildman performed numerous invasive procedures to treat patients in life-threatening situations
This individualís extensive knowledge of procedures and the proper utilization of the various life-saving pieces of equipment has significantly aided him in his demanding duties.
Space is too limited to enumerate the endless list of successful aerial rescue mission beyond those of a medical nature that our Trooper of the Year has been involved.
During 2017 he was involved in 21 aerial law-enforcement search and rescue missions.
If his on-duty activities havenít been enough, TFC Wildman is constantly striving to increase his own knowledge. For example, he attended over 300 hours of unpaid training in 2017. He used every type of leave available to attend the various training sessions already cited in his attendance at John Hopkins.
Not only is TFC Wildman a student but he is also a teacher. He has volunteered at an elementary schoolís community outreach program in Harford County. He was also involved with the Carroll County Police Explorer Academy.
From the left, Jack Howard; Sgt. Zendgraff, Aviation Division, Trooper of the Year, TFC John Wildman, James Leete, MSPAA and Captain Captain McMinn, Aviation Division

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